In print and impressed

It’s taken me a while to have it sink in that I am now an eBook and a paperback. This whole world of self-publishing has been a roller-coaster ride but so rewarding especially in the people I have met.

tulipsJust this week I have had the opportunity to be read about in a blog run by ARRA (Australian Romance Reader Association) on their website. Likewise the lovely Theresa Smith offered new writers (me included) a chance to be recognised on her website. Sometimes I feel blessed to be amongst these people, and sometimes I feel like a fraud. But mostly these days I just feel thrilled and grateful. Taking on a new venture is not easy but when surrounded by such supportive and wonderful human beings, the angst fades into the background.

My very special thanks also have to go to Chris Brunton, my cover artist. We had some problems sorting things out with cover and format. I am, as I have admitted many times, a techno dummy. He encouraged me all the way determined we would do this and we did. In fact Unexpected Obsession went into print on my birthday and as much as I love the tulips my daughter gave me as she does every year (I love tulips and I love her) they almost went second to actually having the book up there. She doesn’t mind because she has been my biggest fan. Her belief I can do this has kept me going.

In keeping with the shock of it all I am letting my characters do the talking.  I hope you find them intriguing enough to want to know them better.

 Lia for postHow did he manage to look so sexual, and sophisticated at the same time? Until Domenico, she had thought that the mix of bad boy vibes and facial regrowth was sexy, whilst the cleaner ‘pretty boy’ look lacked sensual substance. It didn’t, she realised, when combined with that slightly sullen mouth and powerful gaze. He was somewhere in-between. Did looking sexy automatically make you good at sex?
  Nico for postThe pressure in his head was unyielding. He couldn’t go on like this. The sounds made as he knocked every item on the top of the dresser to the floor didn’t assuage his anger. The sweetness of the shattered perfume bottle permeated every corner of the bedroom. It made his head spin. He hit the wall with his fist and didn’t blink at the hole he left or at the blood that was now smeared across the pristine white.

Until we meet again


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