The Journal, my friend or foe

IMG_0676I have always kept a diary of sorts but as I often write scary thoughts down (check out my poetry book) I end up tossing them (yes, in the bin and I often shred them first).  However an article I read, one of many I have read lately offered some interesting insight. The keeping of a journal/diary fits right in with the current thought/trend that writing, physically writing, is very beneficial to the human mind. Gosh, I need all the help I can get.

Tim Ferriss

as a tool to clarify my thinking and goals,”

Michael Hyatt 

“what happens to us is not as important as the meaning we assign to it. Journaling helps sort this out.”

I love the idea of recording my progress in authoring writing (I confess to making this expression up) because the truth is despite having come this far I still struggle with confidence. Discussing the process on paper, by hand, motivates me to change this mindset and increase productivity.

Judy Willis MD, a neurologist and former teacher explains:

“The practice of writing can enhance the brain’s intake, processing, retaining, and retrieving of information… “

In writing we apparently access the left hemisphere of the brain. While it is occupied with analysing and rationalising the right hemisphere is then free to create. Hence writing by hand in a journal enhances authoring on the computer. I can live with this.

IMG_0677Doing more reading I discovered sketching was also allowed and encouraged. I drew stick figures to represent what I needed. This surprised me.  I wanted what would benefit my authoring writing the most and stick figures were all I could come up with? I hadn’t counted on my subconscious mind. (What a smartarse!)

I need more beta readers. These are very special people that look at the manuscript before publication and give feedback. They are invaluable to the finished product. See attached pathetic image.  Art is not a strong point so laugh if you must but the point is I do need more beta readers, and my stick figures might be a manifestation of an art poor mind but they also speak the truth – more people.

I then complained to myself I wasn’t writing enough. Suddenly I was writing a thousand words in a difficult scene on my computer while my handwritten words sat beside me bearing witness. Could Book 2 of my series really make an appearance?


The answer is yes because journalling works. I do about five to ten minutes every second or third day, sometimes everyday but I don’t push it. Insanely enough I find it relaxes me to write down what I am failing to do in my real life.  Who would have thought? But, in saying that, I don’t want to hammer the point home too much either so a breather is a good idea (I am after all a sensitive creature).

Seriously though, I wonder if I was too hasty with my diary entries. No scrap that. They were scary but keeping a journal might be worth doing. I wonder whether journalling could benefit everyone out there no matter their profession.  Think about it.  Clarifying what you want or need is a way to achieving.  I’ll keep handwriting and let you know.

Update on my print books

They are both definitely up there with their fellow eBooks.  I’m still waiting for my very own print copies. Can’t tell you what I wrote in the journal concerning my emotional state regarding this because bad language isn’t nice. Check me and them out with my links below but for now ciao till we meet again.

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