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I have decided to mix things up and today seemed as good as any day to trial it.  I have a post, a journal entry and an audio piece. The post will come first only because it inspired me to keep up the journal, and the audio is an experiment so putting it last is probably wise. I am hopeless with media but so determined not to be beaten and so I have played around with things and hopefully have recorded a small snippet from the novel, very small (experiment remember and until I get it up there I have no way of knowing what it will sound like).

IMG_0148 (2)What inspires you and what doesn’t and why?  Can you answer that? I thought I could but so much surprises me because inspiration can come when least expected. This is why I don’t dismiss things even when time constraints tell me to have that shower or I will be late for work. Time may be precious but if something catches your eye it is usually for a good reason. Something resonates. I follow that feeling.

This morning the trigger was Shark Tank and the words strong, witty and wildly successful in an article about a very special woman, a woman who had the courage to believe in herself despite being rejected for a position.  Her confidence in herself was based on surety and not ego. When refused she sat down and wrote an email to those concerned outlining why they were wrong, and then told them she had booked her ticket and was hoping to be on the plane to get to that very position and start work. What does one say to that?

Exactly! There is no come back except to pick the person up at the airport personally. The email was brilliant.  I was glad I follow a lady by the name of Shayla Raquel who regularly finds interesting and varied things like this story. It helps people like me become better writers.  It inspires me not to give up.

Reading blogs is like uncovering treasure. Blogging is such a wonderful way to exchange information, ideas and thoughts on a variety of topics, and yes of course it is a venue to talk about books, your own books as well as those of others. That may be selfish but it is also good sense. Whilst on my training wheels as an author I find it is relaxing to discuss things that may help me and hopefully others.

I suspect I will always enjoy the blogging no matter what else happens. Writing however is a totally different experience and most definitely not a relaxing one. I still go in and out of struggle mode on a daily. Reading about women like Barbara Corcoran keep the loud whispers away that scream too hard. Let’s face it, parenting, working, relationships, keeping the house tidy, keeping fit and healthy is exhausting.

That inner voice is a plague of editorial dictators attacking us with expressions like we should have used a different verb or eliminated a comma, or worn the red shoes instead of the black ones, or picked a different holiday location forcing us to double guess all we do. And no matter the profession or situation the voice is relentless in telling us to quit.

Extend the word quit and you get quitter. Is that what you want?  I ask myself this almost every day.  The email lady was no quitter and I don’t want to be one either in any field, personal or business and the only way to avoid it is to keep going. I love my journal because I get to write things without worrying about correct grammar or what anyone else will think. Love blogging, and love my journal.

Journal entry 17th November 2017

Quitting is not an option so shut up and keep working!!!!! Just do the recording. What’s the worst that can happen?

See short and sweet but to the point.  Thank you journal. Now for the tricky bit – the sound of my voice. As I said this is new so comments welcome.

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