Reviewing, not the horror you imagine

tbrLast post, among other things I discussed reviews.  For some reason many people shy away from giving these.  Some people just don’t want to commit themselves on paper, some are not sure what to write and some are just afraid to express their opinion.  I’m not an expert but I just put down what I feel. Liking it is just as important as perfect grammar and formatting.  For me reading is respite.

Sometimes liking the story or the characters, is enough to overlook the small little bits and pieces that prevent perfection. Perfect doesn’t  guarantee enjoyment. Mentioning flaws however doesn’t hurt. They help the author improve their craft.  I know that is how I learn.  For instance I want to take my novel to print but print is forever so another good look at the manuscript is necessary. Reviews are incredibly helpful to me in that process.

I try to maintain a sense of integrity by not shying away from things I see but it is important to remember reviews are subjective. Writers expect their reader to be subjective, expect them to be true to themselves.  I don’t do critiques when I review a book.  A critique is a whole different ball game. You pull a book apart as an intellectual activity. I just tell people how the books made me feel, or what stood out that has me willing to tell the world I liked it. Reviews are a great way to share something that has given you a few hours of escape.

So from now on I am going to post reviews when the opportunity arises.  I have read some enjoyable books and I don’t mind putting it out there and sharing that.  I urge you though to remember that these are my impressions.

 Changing Times (A Hidden Mountains Novel) ★★★★★

Jacqueline Rhoades

51zupwlvailThe characters in this book are wonderful. Lorelei who we met in Preston’s Mill (Book 1) features strongly in this and it is her growth that we follow and much like Cob we are captivated. You don’t have to read the first in the series but you should because it is a beautiful read. This particular one, Changing Times, brings hope to all of us dreamers out there, that men like Cob exist and can see through all the pretence to the real woman underneath. It is a universal logic that we react to our surroundings.  For more



The Stationmaster’s Cottage ★★★★

Phillipa Nefri Clark

 the-stationmasters-cottageThere are two love stories here, even if they are generations apart, and both of them stand at the precipice of the happy ever after.  The reader is caught up hoping that those involved will stop wasting time.  What is wonderful about this novel is that it a gentle lesson in life.  We set our own limitations to our future when we don’t question what is in right in front of us.

Both Martha and Christie ironically do the same thing in two different ways and it sets off a chain of misunderstandings, both deliberate and otherwise, that hurts them and the men in their lives.  It demonstrates so clearly to us how we are shaped by our environment and upbringing.   For more

 A Deep Thing ★★★★★

A.K. Smith


I found this book a wonderful surprise.  The story was quite simple. A widow discovers her husband was not all what he appeared when she is contacted with a strange request.  A truculent step-son, and a need for answers that incorporates the beauty of Mexico, and a possible romance makes good reading and then just as we except this we are lead into the unexpected.  The little twist at the end is an added bonus that leaves you wondering long after you finish reading if more is to come.  It is not a cliff hanger.  It is a very clever piece of writing. For more


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