Limit the Limits

A recent post I read on LinkedIn made me stop and think about dreams. In fact, it related eerily to a train of thought I’ve had a lot lately. The post is about being the most powerful you. I get that concept. However, in order to live that concept we have to be prepared to put in the hard yakka aka work. I found myself at the computer collecting my thoughts on this subject and consequently writing those thoughts down. Like everyone else I am trying to find the right path.

Give in or give up – never!

We are all entitled to dream big and reach for the stars, but we also have our limits for whatever reasons and those limits cannot be ignored because they have the power to break hearts. We are told ‘the sky’s the limit’. No, it’s not. If we ignore limits, we crash and burn. Instead, we need to take small thoughtful steps. It’s not about ‘we can do anything’, it’s about how can we do that thing we want to do. How do we fight for it? Let’s be honest – nearly one hundred percent of the time, succeeding hinges on finances and responsibilities and unless we find a way to work with this our dreams stay dreams. Planning is the first step forward.


Find a notebook with a cover that draws you in. Write a list of everything you would like to do. Write it all down – whether possible or impossible, truth or fiction. Now be practical and cross out the things that would side-track and stop the vision you have for yourself. Remember, be practical. Most things need to be supported in some way. I had a cousin who got up at four every morning and wrote till six and then went to work. She also managed to be a supportive partner. Do you have the discipline?

Sit down with another notebook with what is left and make some very hard choices. Kathy Caprino (from the LinkedIn article) says we should stop “flitting around like a hummingbird” and we should “slow down and focus”. Now write down what might block what is left. Locked doors need keys. Where is the key located? Can you find this key? Or do you need to take a step to the side and find an unlocked door. This might slow you down and involve the one thing you don’t want to know about – patience. So be it. Play with the list. Let it help you decide what is possible in your life regarding time, money, and exertion. I am not saying we should lower our limits. Picking wisely is what will help us succeed.

Thoughtless or thoughtful

Even been to the Physio and they tell you things like you need ergonomically correct items so your neck pain lessens, and you can function. And you agree and wait for them to offer to buy it for you because you can’t afford it. When they don’t and you tell them, you haven’t quite figured out how to fill that requirement, they look at you strangely. In their minds you are not willing to take on board their professional opinion. So automatically, you, are the problem.

I loathe that kind of thinking. To me they are the ones creating the limits because they steal your self-confidence. What if that same Physio tells you to find as many books as you can and create a facsimile of a better set-up. Now that is helpful and despite not being ideal, it’s a start to overcoming limits. From there you will find the next step. Keep checking your notebook.

Changing the definition of limits

Don’t hang onto an impossible dream if its stringent demands won’t let you explore other avenues. Ask yourself why you have a dream that interferes with you living a good life. Maybe it’s time to check those side doors – who knows they may offer a better dream if a somewhat different one. Put everything you discover in the notebook. As a result you will keep you on track as you explore. We too often make our lives difficult by abandoning the word flexible in our vocabulary.

Kathy Caprino says we should “be fluid and flexible as the journey unfolds”.  I am hoping that is the key. I am so far from where I started that I could do one of two things – cry or keep on with the try…Those side doors have served me well so far so maybe the try is not so bad.

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  1. A thought-provoking post. I like the fact that you bring up the practical. Many dreams take time and money, two things most of us struggle to have enough of for every day life, much less making changes in our lives to bring us closer to our drewm life. I like your notebook ideas. Thank you for the new avenue to investigate.

    • I think practicality and media are at odds creating dissatisfaction. You’re so right, most of us struggle in the day to day. It doesn’t mean we can’t get there but we have to think better. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I enjoyed your post. The blog post I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks for July 19 is about a similar topic: what would make me happy. After reading seven novels in June, I was feeling a little pressured to read novels just so I could blog about them. I don’t want to feel that way about reading! I reread a couple of Brene Brown’s books and they inspired me to reassess my blog and to be brave. I started thinking about what would make me happy, so I made a list. I’m a great list maker! Following through is where the wheels often fall off the wagon. Thank you for giving me a little different way of looking at things.

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