The Colour Connection

Although I have been slow with my blog this year, it has nevertheless been an interesting first couple of months. Most of the time has been spent reflecting on the world around me and the effect others can have on our lives whether we welcome their contributions/intrusions or not. When I wrote The Colour Connection, and that was a few years ago I wanted distance from people to reflect. I don’t know why colour came to mind.

Perhaps, I was thinking of us as humans and how often we forget we are a blend of one another. I used colours because they are a neutral zone in which to consider differences. Yet colours are living proof of the beauty of blending, of creating something new with something old. The Colour Connection is in three parts. Firstly, there is The Primary, then The Secondary and then best of all The Mix – The Resulting Generation. All three provide a view on what can be achieved as a whole rather than as separate entities, or segregation if I am to be blunt. Indeed, The Secondary and The Mix – The Resulting Generation do not exist without The Primary, and The Primary on its own lacks something indefinable.

Nature is our teacher and a proactive educator. With skilled digits, Nature carefully took apart The Primary, perused with intelligent emotions and proceeded to create the many hues that form The Secondary. Not satisfied, Nature in turn blended again and rainbows lit up our skies. The Colour Connection is a life of magic, of beauty, of endless wonder. Not to say that errors are not made. Some connections don’t work. But denying the original is not the answer. We need the original whether it is a good or bad experience. Using it as a base we can grow and become brighter. Exchange brighter for smarter or more intelligent in our approach to our world. What would happen if we banned or changed the original red, blue and yellow? Would we know there were lessons to be learned before we reach a perfect blend or perfect world? If we banish the past then how do we learn enough to create our future?

The Colour Connection

The Primary – The Parents

(From Emotions in Revolution and The Emotions Anthology Box Set)


Half the world we see

is sky, is ocean.

You hold the key,

the magic potion

of flow, of open spaces

and the freshness of cool

gliding on our faces.

Your colour is an endless pool

where man can dive

and revive.


Blue shades twist and creep

ruling hard with water might.

Liquid leaves the fathoms deep

and sea and sky begin their fight,

ensuring that our planet grows

and the cycle of life evolves,

continuing its highs and lows

as each drop of rain dissolves.

Encouragement for man to strive

and to survive.


Some would argue the powers of hell

hold the reins, ring the bell.

Red is the unquenchable fire

and some would argue, heaven’s sire.

Red is gluttonous, holding every need

for only it allows, the possibility to feed.


The hues, the variegated soils,

the sly fox lava underground that boils,

the bitter cutting edges of unshaped rocks,

the vicious cold tunnels where treasure mocks,

reminds us that fragile humans are merely limbs,

helpless against wicked self-indulgent whims.


The warmth of the universe in measured spread

melts through the night until the dark is shed.

Uplifting the spirits and creativity,

teasing away all responsibility.

Yellow is the morning sun.

Yellow comes when the damp is done,

cleansing, clearing, and even purifying

for the golden light is sweetly satisfying.


Honeybees share the splendour,

kissing soft slick petals as they meander

seeking perfect pollen sustenance

in recycled reproduction romance.

And the gentle burn of the magic ray

coming from places so far away

gives life to mountain tops, stream fed rivers,

Green fields, blue skies, and even human divas.

Stay tuned for next month when The Secondary show us what is possible when opinions are put aside.



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  1. I gotta admit, I’ve slowed down somewhat when it comes to blogging too. So I thought I’d drop a message to share this feeling, as well as to spur you to keep on keeping on!

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