Chilling Corner in March 2021

Venetian memories

This month will be a mixed bag. I have three (what I call interesting reading experiences) to discuss, a shout out to fellow Australian author L.J. Kendall on his new book and thirdly, a short clip to keep me focused on writing this second novel, so close to the finish line and yet still elusive. I am hoping a revisit to a favourite travel location might help.

Generally, my chilling corners are not reviews or recommendations. I think of them as presenting something I‘ve read and had a reaction to. Of course, I also hope what I say may interest other readers enough to comment. Reading is subjective, and I love to hear what others think about the same experience. Discussion keeps us honest. Moreover, it opens us to a new way of thinking. So, here is hoping I hear from you.

Spotlight on reading

The Dictionary of Lost Words – Pip Williams

With this I am about to break my own rule and recommend a book. This is beautifully written and has such a clever premise I can’t help myself.  The interweaving of the struggle for women to be recognised with the creating of a dictionary is brilliant.  We travel through history and we do it with elegance, style, and a lovely even pace. In fact, I loved it so much I read it slowly to savour each word. Quite a feat for someone that can complete a book in day with ease.

Sing you home – Jodi Picoult

I would love some input on this one. There were times I was torn with what appeared to me as something so well-scripted, it nudged believability into the realm where you might add ‘un’ to that particular word. This can disrupt the travel through the pages. Once into it though, the events that take place, painful events, moments encouraging self-introspection changed my mind about the book. What I saw, were situations where true and honest emotions can alter our perceptions to include a wider perspective on love and family, and on the world.

Nine Perfect Strangers – Liane Moriarty

Please let me know what you thought of this one. For me, it began with promise but somehow the fiction got lost and the connection severed. We didn’t travel anywhere at all not even with nine possible guides. Interestingly enough, we did it as a book club read and the lack of connection to the characters seemed to be a general consensus.

Spotlight on an Aussie Author

I haven’t showcased an author in a while, so this was a great opportunity for me to revisit not only an Australian author but an Indie author as well. In fact, I may revisit often during the next few months to see what some of the others are doing.

Lost Girl – L.J. Kendall

I featured Luke about eighteen months ago and in the meantime never one to keep still, he has been busy writing, editing, and doing lots of courses to improve his skills and share any learning on his blog. All this without travelling outside his home. Amongst this hefty schedule he has launched a brand new book, one adding to his series in an unique fashion. You don’t need to read the previous books; you can start with this one and not miss a beat. He does hope however you will want to go back and check out Leeth from the beginning. His female lead is a complex character so you might find yourself doing just that.

Plenty of action and some excellent world-building if you go ahead and decide to support an Aussie author, who also happens to be an Independent one. I think I may have mentioned that so perhaps there is a bias.

For a little more on the author, his books and his blogs, you can visit Luke’s website and check it out for yourself.

Spotlight on my current project

Venice – Aging and Still Graceful

My second novel Unexpected Passion is currently sitting in Venice and waiting for the word count to rise. With any luck there will be gondola rides, visits to Murano to watch the art of glass blowing and a visit to Burano to check out the delicate creation of lace at least for my characters. Sometimes it is hard to imagine travel especially when countries like Italy are back in lockdown but staying positive is vital. For now, I offer some virtual travel to Venice, a city magnificent in history and traditions and aging too rapidly because of the very location that gives Venice its individuality.  Here’s hoping it maintains its grace for as long as possible. For me, it is one of the few places in the world where everything it says it offers is right there on offer, including the odd pigeon or two.

Arrivederci for now,


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