Poetic devices, and the five senses – word magicians

Every now and then I like to play with words and turn them into poetry of sorts. I see it as an activity to challenge my brain. It keeps me writing when I don’t feel like tackling my novel. Searching for words also gives me the opportunity to practise description, to put things together that normally might not blend. Using poetic devices and combining the five senses throughout our work can definitely add interest but choosing the right words is not as simple as we would hope.

I’m still waiting for practise to make me perfect. A fervent hope is that I am a little further along the path than I used to be and wise enough to know there is still a long, long way to go. This is a piece from my Emotions in Existence, the third book in my anthology and the one where I began to see some improvement in my work. I am now working on another one but at a slower pace. The more you do the more thoughtful, more careful you become so my next poetry book might be a little time coming. #awriterslife or in this case #apoetslife.

This poem is about flexing word muscles and understanding the power they possess. I am still working on it.

More than a Metaphoric Phrase

Writing, the creating of images

in words to represent

our secret thoughts

and hidden desires.


Life is stories in seething settings of

things floating, developing, and waiting.

The story is an amoebic,

embryonic battle

to exist.


Condensed senses,

lighting up pages,

lighting up minds,

lighting up worlds

with their poetic devices.


The word is a magical wand

delivering dreams of alliteration.

The word is an ethereal drop of

softly sifted snow creating illusions.

The words wiggle, watch, whisper wickedly

 like mischievous children.


Bang, clash, boom, thump and bump,

an onomatopoeic jump

and words claw, determined fingers

at our throats forcing recognition

that the noise words make,

are a metaphoric phrase to fear.

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