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As much as I love blogging, occasionally I find things that speak for themselves. This ted talk is one of them. I have found some exceptionally good bloggers/writers during this Covid 19 lockdown and am so glad I opted to utilise my time reading.  Emma is a writer who likes to tackle a variety of topics and do the research. I have only just discovered her but am an avid follower already. Check her out if you have time.

In this particular post she has put together some reading and viewing to help us support black writers and artists #blacklivesmatter. One of the suggestions I particularly liked was the You Tube segment featuring Megan Ming Francis who describes herself as a college professor but is so much more.

Megan gets to the heart of things. She advocates addressing the root causes and not just the individual occurrences. These are obviously important but the why it happens again and again has to be understood in order to address it once and for all. She discusses why education in itself is not the solution – books don’t stop bullets, teaching people that things are wrong does nothing if they go home and hear the reverse. As a collective we have to accept the fact that racial injustice is everywhere and will continue that way until we learn to see the person in front of us, the person, not the race, or the colour or religion but the person. This process will not be a pleasant one because we need to delve into history, a long history where repetition seems to be a key aspect we continually ignore.

This really is worthwhile listening. Megan is an excellent speaker who  encourages us to take responsibility and deny silence. We need to speak up, all of us.


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  1. This is an eloquent plea for justice, but unfortunately Donald Trump is president. He has made blatant racism acceptable again. He could well be reelected, with only 40 to 45 percent of the population supporting him, due to our antiquated electoral college system. At the moment, I don’t see any peaceful way out of this mess.

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