Vampires aren’t always supernatural creatures

Last month was about that joyous moment when new life is put into our arms. This month, that life grows up. How easily we go from the joy of the new to the heartache of real-life.


Time brings changes both good and bad. Everything we do in life is in our hands. We have choices but often we are afraid to speak up, even with those closest to us. We need to use our voices especially when small things niggle. The time to change things is before they grow into the impossibly large. Going forward is so much easier when we know the ground rules.

Virus Behaviour

This on-going situation with the Corona Virus brings home the importance of having those ground rules. I am in awe of Aussies despite some incredibly thoughtless behaviours from our rugby league players. I won’t bother with details. I think it is so much nicer to concentrate on those that have done, and are doing, the right thing.

I do however, think it is harder for some people to follow rules, and worse, accept a more global responsibility.  Their need for gratification matters more than the rest of us but they have to live with that, and I wish them luck. I would struggle. When I see what is still happening in the rest of the world I feel so privileged to live in a country like ours, and isolation is a small price. I don’t say this lightly because I suffer from depression and anxiety, and it hasn’t been easy. #inthistogether #stayhomesavelives #patience #slowthespread


Vamps can be evil doers or romantic leads. The good ones, if I can put it that way, follow rules for the benefit of all. The rogues cause havoc and destruction; they care only for their needs. We can all be rogues if we don’t think about consequences. My still newbie foray into haibun (small prose and haiku love affair) has given me a chance to explore situations of all kinds in a succinct manner. This has helped enormously with my romantic contemporary series.

I needed the poetry. It gave me small steps into the writing world that were easy to finish. Mind you, three poetry books into it doesn’t mean I have got it right.  And, I will be the first to admit it, I have often manipulated the mediums to suit me. I went rogue, but I have learned a great deal from this, and gained a deeper respect for tradition.


Completing the poetry books is pushing me to give my female lead a book she deserves in Unexpected Passion, Book 2 (The Unexpected Series).  Lexi or Alessandra as our annoying male protagonist likes to call her, is someone who likes straight talking; she doesn’t hold back but she doesn’t indulge herself with too many details, a spade is a spade and not a shiny piece of metal with a long, green wooden handle. Lexi has a unique way of handling situations – she is brief but colourful (let’s just say our insight into her Greek heritage is very interesting). Lexi also has a good heart. She is a work in process and deserves a life even if her mother/writer is too chicken to go into labour.

In this particular piece I am presenting in this post, I am looking at parents and their children, a relationship that often reminds me of vampires, and not the good ones. And no, I am not cynical. My children are pretty spectacular but writing allows exploration and the imagination does the rest. Besides, last month I did talk about the joys in the Haiku (see underneath this paragraph, or follow the link for the prose and haiku).  Don’t be afraid to stop by and comment. I love input.


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butterfly kisses
in a garden of flowers
oozing pretty words –
once a year with grateful joy
Happy Mother’s Day


The work today is a Tanka Prose (a small piece of writing with a tanka to accompany it). In the past I have referred all pieces accompanied by the poems as Haibun.  I didn’t want to get too complicated but getting things right is important.


Embryonic rips (Part 2)

From Emotions in Existence and also in The Emotions Anthology Box Set

“Why would you do that to me in front of others, undermine me, humiliate me?”

“Oh, here we go, poor you! Whatever!”

“Deflecting won’t work. Not this time. Enough, now.”  Diana sighed. “I listen, I love you. I give you a place to lick your wounds and still you behave like a selfish, fucking cow. You need to think about your behaviour and you certainly need to think about why you do the things you do, especially lashing out at me.”

Diana stood, leaning to pat the other woman on her thirty-seven-year-old-head. “Not playing the game anymore, babe. I’m too old. Being a parent doesn’t mean I have to accept shit from you, so you can feel better about yourself. Call me when you learn some manners or grow up. I don’t care which comes first.” Diana laughed, and mentally high-fived herself as she left the café.

baby powder sweet

and midnight feedings call –

creatures of the night

approach with stealth and cunning

and suck your blood


Change in spelling title - Amazon or Smash not sure                                                    Emotions in Ex cover


Till next time, stay safe


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