The Intellectual Lover’s Game

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I thought I might share another poem from my latest book, Emotions in Existence. It also features in my newly released The Emotions Anthology Box-set (currently only in eBook format).

The last time I chose to do a post from my poetry books, I recorded the poem thus adding audio to the post. This time I have only added a copy of the poem itself. Which do you prefer? Both words and audio? Just audio? Just the words?

A long, long time ago in another life I remember being read to by a very handsome gentleman (and yes in a very romantic situation) so I definitely prefer hearing poetry  as opposed to reading it.

I write romance because I believe long after other avenues have failed, love will be the thing to keep humanity afloat. I write poetry because it allows me to express the often warped view, we humans have of life.

I believe if we stopped playing games with each other and just loved, just cared enough to let honesty thrive we would be living in a much better world. Most of all I believe naively I admit, it would help if we really listened to each other.

Even when I am at my most cynical about our surroundings I am hoping fervently I am proven wrong by something as simple as love. I’d love to hear what you think on this subject.


The Intellectual Lover’s Game

You call my name

and I cannot refrain

from playing the game

in the lover’s domain.

Quietly I remain,

waiting for cruelty to maim.

Carelessly we bandy the blame.

In fairness it is hard to contain

pride, and the need for winner fame.

But, hurt is not a prize to obtain.

It festers and becomes disdain.

Too haunting, too sad to explain.

Love is a thing to retain

yet we are intellectually lame.

We pick and fashion a daisy chain

and risk unwanted shame.

We allow the other’s need to reign

and subjugate and maim.

Sometimes there will be rain.

Sometimes you fail to tame.

Sometimes love leaves a stain,

on those that ride the romance train

and those that believe in a lover’s lane

where no heart will ever maim.

Is there ever preparation for the pain

that leaves you shattered and a little insane?

Why did I permit him to rattle my innocent brain?

I truly hope not all outcomes will end the same.


Emotions in Ex cover 2


The Emotions Anthology Box-set (A continuing poetic journey through life) by [Strickland, Barbara]

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