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To Enthrall the Demon LordBooks, books and more books. I can’t think of anything better and yet I constantly come across people who don’t read. Media has a lot to answer for but then is the problem media or is it us? It is so easy to hand over an iPad, or a phone to entertain our children rather than take the time to encourage reading.

My grandchildren are a delicious blend of both. They will take a book and read in their room or they will grab their piece of media. They read popular and they enjoy the more classic fiction. They are also very adept at manipulating media. They have been taught to value both and more importantly they have been encouraged to develop their own tastes. The trick I think whether as a parent or an educator or a fellow reader is to let them know that their choices are valued. Some readers I believe are born to delve into the world of books, some can have good habits developed and some may like to turn the occasional page, but everyone deserves a chance to discover book magic.

Every time I think of youAs a reading adult I am so grateful that my choices were valued because I have found that magic and I let it take me to so many worlds. Books are a buffet of words and this month the buffet is gourmet.

Everything is better with KimberlyThe Dragon of New Orleans

Everything is better with Kimberly by Lucy Eden is a hot and spicy contemporary romance whereas To Enthral the Demon Lord by Nadine Mutas sizzles with paranormal creatures. Joining them is The Dragon of New Orleans by Genevieve Jack where we find a hot rich alpha who just happens to breathe fire.

Spinning SilverHarlequin's RiddleThe Hitman's Mistake

Do you fancy a fairy tale? Try Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik  or if you are a fantasy lover then Harlequin’s Riddle by Rachel Nightingale is a Commedia D’Arte inspiration. Take a step back into contemporary with The Hitman’s Mistake  by Sally Brandle. It has lots of suspense and a very sweet, passionate romance, or if you like mystery, a bit of crime and family drama, then Tracey Garvis Graves’s Every time I think of you might be just the thing.

The Wedding AuditionThe weight of life

In the mood for some heat? The Wedding Audition by authors Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock is fun, sexy and entertaining.  Want some angst with your heat? The Weight of Life (Love in London Book 1) by Whitney Barbetti is a mix of love, loss, and new beginnings.

Samantha JaneAnd last but far from least is Samantha Jane’s paranormal series about people with special gifts. Action and romance, and an original feel that is captivating meanders through Starborn (The Order of Orion Book 1), Starcross (The Order of Orion Book 2), and Starlight (The Order of Orion Book 3).

Seriously, whatever your tastes you can’t go wrong. Let me know what you think,

Alla prossima


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