Book Corner Chilling in July

Sand and AshI totally love the chilling in this month’s selection. The books are so varied, not just the genres but the plots and the characters, and the style of writing.

Infinity plus oneOne of my favourite authors is Amy Harmon. Seriously, anything you read by her has you prisoner from the first page, or word. What I love most is the different topics and themes Amy manages to write about. The research is meticulous or if it isn’t, I am too engrossed to care. From Sand and the Ash covers both Jewish and Catholic differences beautifully, and no spoilers for Infinity plus One but it deserves a chance. I am not doing reviews here, but I am sharing some very nice reading.

Have you seen Luiz VelezAs I have said, I have eclectic tastes, so I move from genre to genre although I do favour some over others. I am a sucker for the paranormal and fantasy and romance and…there is a pattern forming. Mostly though what I really like is a sense of believability and connection. I enjoy character/reader connections and will forgive lots in favour of those moments. For this reason, I loved Have you seen Luis Velez by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Read it and young people will once again give you hope for the future. It was so lovely to focus on the elderly and the young and discover age isn’t a barrier. Listening is the problem, or rather the not listening.

Talitha Rae also focus on youth in The Light beyond the Bridge. She delves into insecurities and how they affect our decisions. What we become as adults is largely due to our upbringing, and it takes a lot to overcome obstacles when that upbringing has been a painful and confusing one. 

Dark Days Semester OneBelgraviaThe Light beyond the Bridge

Were you a fan of Downton Abbey? If so, you will definitely love Belgravia by Julian Fellowes. All those secrets and scandals are so very delicious. It was such an interesting era and certainly it was all too often a difficult one to survive. From this read, I jumped to a paranormal novel – Dark Days: Semester 1 by Liz Meldon. Vampires and wolves and pure entertainment, funny, sweet and hot, and a series I intend following.

Firestone Key, part time travel and part fantasy, by Caroline Noe is a book I am particularly partial too. I love supporting Indie authors and not just because I am one myself. It’s so hard to stand up and say that this is what you want to do and do it, and do it well and by yourself, and this author does. Give an Indie a chance because they have so much to offer.Whale Rock

Firestone KeyWhale Rock by Australian Diana Plater is a very interesting insight into multiculturalism. So much of it has an authentic Aussie flavour, from its diverse characters to the Sydney setting, and it is this that sets the book apart from others on the market.

Piece of WorkI finish with Staci Hart’s Piece of Work, a contemporary romance, that was sexy and yet very relationship orientated, particularly the female friendships. When we find a reason to relate, the book becomes so much more.

I hope you get the opportunity to check these books out and if you do then let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.


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