I wrote this originally for my youngest child. She has never been difficult, not as a baby, a teenager or as an adult. I always felt truly blessed because the pregnancy and birth were traumatic. Yet I knew the moment she arrived everything would be as it should be. To me she has been the butterfly, a light touch only needed to guide her to becoming an adult. She was born knowing she had to pick her flowers carefully and then to land softly and with great care.

Butterflies have always held a fascination and so years later, I found myself writing a poem for this incredible child, and linking them, the butterflies, to her incredible softness. Then years later again, I found myself weaving not the words of the poem but the feelings evoked, into Lia’s personality when I was writing Unexpected Obsession.

Lia has that same softness, but there is also a thread of steel blending with the care and consideration she gives to others. In so many ways she became my child too. I grew her into a personality able to take on a man like Nico. Each book will see a little more of her growth because like him I have fallen into love with this amazing woman who has and will continue to have an effect on the people around her.  I hope you enjoy my words.

Butterfly Child (Lia’s song)

Because of you

I feel the lightest touch of soft satin wings.

I see the rainbow in all things.

If I could contain you upon my hand,

you would be as delicate as grains of sand.

Finely formed, reflecting the glimmer of summer shine,

sweet of temper and pure of soul,

such a strong straight line.


You are the best of me.

You are the gift only of

the Butterfly that I am and so

you are the softness of my wings and

the rainbow colours that I wear I

bequeath to you because in

you they flourish.


so, I think it only fair to for you to know

when I am long gone from you and

you see a butterfly, passing by,


it will be me that you do not see

and it will be me reminding you, that

every day in every way

I loved you more

than I knew to say.


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