Lucid Tranquillity

Sometimes our fears can hold us back from what makes us grow. Voices from the past remind us of our mistakes. We need to ignore them and instead go forward. We need more faith in ourselves, we need to believe in the voices of the future.

Lucid Tranquillity

I hear You.
But, those voices,
those escalating influences
call me and I falter.
Your echo is far better.
It triggers a spiritual spiral
towards a lucidity
so often escaping my notice.
To be calm,
to be tranquil shudders
me into splintered fragile
snowflakes of melting
emotional madness.
I know I am the creator.
I know my power but
still I am hostage to
silvered slides of
syntax makers, who want
their universal limitations,
 to rule supreme
over others, others
who do not understand
the glory of manifestation
and sadly, cowardly
bend to the collector.
I am left frozen,
the withered wraith
of a broken spirit
bereft of presence,
a diminished  aura
of splattered, faded and
crumbling colours
never to blend.
I hear You.
I know what You say.
Be patience generous,
for I am
only now unfurling
my embryonic


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