The Buds

Can anyone relate to the frustrated desire to fix things when they go wrong and end up taking that desire too far? I mean as in wasting time too far?  Sometimes we have to prove we can make it right even after understanding the mistake is there, and it’s too far gone to fix. Call it stubboness, foolishness, correction fixation or whatever word best suits you but ultimately it is a waste of time when better things are waiting.

 Hanging onto a job you hate, a marriage or a relationship that is hurting you, buying six other pieces of clothing to make the pants work that should not have been bought in the first place, living the ‘j’ word over and over (you know, justifying) are all self-harming but we do it. Maybe, we shouldn’t, maybe it’s time to say stop and let another Spring begin instead. What do you think?

The buds
 Rustling winds call my name
and awaken me to play the game.
I slowly dress
and to myself confess
though the rules seem less,
nothing seems the same.
Whirling wheels of distant blame
Reluctantly decide to claim
the fading lights
of long-lost flights,
and unwanted plights
leading back to covert shame.
To the recesses of yesterday
I banish all dead flowers.
Let them rest where they may
And allow new buds their untried powers.

A piu presto,


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