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Sorry if this post goes in twice guys but had some technical difficulties. Bear with me with this post as I try something new.  It won’t cost you anything but it will earn you my undying love and gratitude.  I have decided to brave some promotions. The first is with Smashwords and the second one with The Romance Reviews site.  Both will give you the opportunity to get my book and those of other authors for free although with The Romance Reviews it will be through competition participation. If you choose to take up either of the offers then a review would be lovely and very much appreciated.

five-star-review-book-coverThe Smashwords Read an Ebook Week 2017 will take place between March 5 and March 11. During this week Smashwords authors and publishers will provide readers with great discounts on Ebooks, or like me will be offering them for free.  If you click on Unexpected Obsession it will take you to my Unexpected Obsession Book page on the Smashwords website. There you will find a code XV63T.  The code allows you to purchase my book free of charge. Happy reading and please let me know what you think.

If like me, you are an avid reader then hopping across to the Smashwords Read an Ebook Week  page will be a reading treat.  I am looking forward to adding books, books and more books to my eBook library. Just don’t forget mine.

The Romance Reviews are holding their 6th Anniversary Party.  They want to share the excitement with you and to ensure the celebration is enjoyable they are running a number of competitions.  Book cover matching, hangman and Q&A are all part of the fun activities. Come along and have a look at the contest prize list.  From here you can click onto the Anniversary 2017 page at the top and then scroll down to the fun.


I chose the Q&A segment. Unexpected Obsession appears in Week 2 so my Question along with the multiple choice Answers will appear on the site on March 12. All you have to do is go there, register and answer the question.  Hint:  The island in the Mediterranean where the unexpected happens.  Don’t be put off with the word registration.  This is only to keep track of points.  Winners will be randomly chosen and then notified.  Seriously just visiting the site is worth it as you will find some wonderful reads. I will be reminding you about this promotion the day before (11th March).

Looking forward to your support,


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  1. “Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story.”
    I just love that quote; it’s so true.

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