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If you follow my blog you will know I make no secret of the fact that I love blogging so I hope you don’t mind I have added some housekeeping to the mix and this one is more about giving information than blogging on a topic. My apologies also if you have already received this and are now getting it again.  I haven’t been well and it seems my editing was a little off.

You may be aware I now have a website and want to transfer this blog over.  Thanks to a very talented young friend it may be sorted this weekend.  However, effects to this blog are uncertain. All that should happen is Amorinarose’s blog at finally has a home on the Amorinarose’s blog page at  If the plan goes awry the blog stays where it is for a while longer. As always, technology and I have a love/hate relationship but I am hopeful I may make a dent in the battle and start winning the war, eventually.

This dent will be backed-up with some small changes on the website itself.  One will include a newsletter.  If you are like me and already subscribe to a number of sites you may now be considering going into hiding.  Rest assured the newsletter will most likely be every couple of moths.  It will be used only when a new publication occurs or some other exciting event.  Another change will be to a couple of the tabs and maybe the addition of some features.  Feel free to make suggestions at barb@brstrickland.comas I welcome ideas. 
On publication of the anthology Tales of the Dark and Light followed approximately six to eight weeks later by the first novel in my series Unexpected Obsession the mask theme should make sense. (I stress should but who can predict)?  The two pieces of work are very different.  I wanted to write in different genres, ambitious I know, and for any readers out there I certainly hope for their sake I truly comprehend what the heck I am doing. 
A few years ago whilst teaching English I lived in a small town called Montegrotto.  It is located about thirty minutes by train from Venice.  I was fortunate my time there allowed me to be present twice for Carnevale.  I actually have a photo I yet may post here if vanity doesn’t rule.  The point is the masks made a huge impression and it seemed fitting to let them represent the different styles I’d like to work with.  The idea of hiding behind them fascinates me as did the wonders on display in Venice during this time.
Since I have been discussing the above books for awhile now and you may be thinking they don’t exist and I just talk a lot I thought I might post a teaser for both.  The release date for Tales of the Dark and Light is close with the end of June or early July (depending on some minor details yet to be taken care of), a strong possibility.  For now though here is a small taste from my story The Narrow Hallway, a paranormal thriller (or I like to think so, but go ahead and argue the point, I love comments). 
“I stood as a voyeur to her predicament as the blood pulsed, raising the veins to a mottled green against my skin.  Everywhere I looked on my body I could see the blood filling, pumping furiously until I was bloated with it, could taste it in my mouth, was saturated like some crazy vampire being.  I was going too far. I had to, for it to work. I could hear her inside my head; the connection was that strong. She had to let it happen she kept repeating.  I kept pumping as her fears, doubts and thoughts floated through my mind.  Who would she tell?  Her father? And would her head hit the concrete again because he would get upset?  Her mother who smothered her with love but wouldn’t allow her to make choices, learn things for herself?  Her words filled my mind as more blood filled my body………..” 

With your permission I’d like to do the same for my novel which shortly will be on its way to a final proofing.  Yes I have said this before but in defence this re-write marathon event has become exhausting and as unexpected as my series.  What was supposed to be the final edit turned into a psychological dilemma.  It seemed one of my beta readers decided my characters should take a different path.  At first I was most confused, in fact my post last time touched on this – the interpretation that you don’t understand as the writer.  I re-read and re-read, made some adjustments especially grammatically but was uncomfortable to change my vision.  Previous betas had never brought up the same things and it certainly had never occurred to me that my idea of love and romance was offbeat for a want of a better word.  I deliberated and agonised but my vision is my uniqueness and I either believe in that or not.  After discussing this with another author friend I understood I had to be true to myself as long as I could accept the fact I may be wrong.  This has meant a decision to take the risk and let readers decide if I chose wisely.
I conceded some points to the edit but decided I was in total agreement with Lia, my leading character, on the subject of her possibly too dominating and irritating male.  She makes it clear she is in no way settling for less than she deserves. This is what Lia had to say: 

“I think sometimes I was created just for him because I just fell into it, went with it without hesitation. Even the times I stood up to him, I was on the journey to him.  He makes me mad, and he makes me laugh especially when he thinks he is bossing me around, deciding things for me and thinking, actually believing, it is perfectly fine to do so. I can handle it because no matter what he does he also makes me feel like I am the air he breathes.  I can’t explain any more, it is what it is and it is right for me.”

I can’t wait to see what readers may think and feel. (Please let there be readers.)  In my heart though I am sure even if I fail I will still feel like a winner just to have gotten this far.  Please, if you read my blog stay with me at its new home even if it means you may have to re-click the follow me button.  Please take this journey with me.
Till then,

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  1. I’m eagerly awaiting the publication of both. Characters should be as unique in their choices as the real people who read about them. The decisions they make may not be our choices (or the author’s), but that’s the wonder of reading. We get to see the world through another set of eyes. Stick to your vision and let the chips fall where they may.

  2. I loved your little teasers and I’m eager for more! While it’s only one writer’s opinion, I think you’re wise to stick to your vision. Your characters are unique to you as a writer and as individual as your readers.

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