FOMO: Justified or not, that is the question

If you have read my title you are either wondering what the heck I am on about, or you actually know what the word means. I fall into the first category. My introduction to this word occurred when the question When is FOMO justified was posed in an article I was reading.  It got my…… Continue reading FOMO: Justified or not, that is the question

The mind of a reader

Apologies if this comes to you twice but my links got a little messed up and I had to fix. During these last few months of questioning my goals I have made it a point to random read.  I seriously mean there hasn’t been a pattern to choices.  As a blogger I follow blogs and…… Continue reading The mind of a reader

Quotes, moving and covers

I am in the middle of packing, and it’s been a little bit of a nightmare.  There are so many things to think about.  In fact the process is long and fraught with so many niggly little problems that I’ve had to take a step back from everything, including writing.  The cloud of overwhelmingness (I…… Continue reading Quotes, moving and covers

Researching is spelt M e l b o u r n e

When I set out to write I knew it would be demanding, and I knew there would be times when confidence would get a bit shaky.  The writing beast feeds with gusto.  It delights in taking huge chunks of ego and chewing it slowly, possibly the whole of the writer’s life span. I often wonder…… Continue reading Researching is spelt M e l b o u r n e

A world made of glass

Whilst scrolling through one of the writing organisations I subscribe to, I came across a workshop on world building with Terry Dowling, one of Australia’s acclaimed speculative fiction writers. Although I don’t write in this genre I am very much interested in world-building, and certainly this genre is one where the intricacies are very evident. …… Continue reading A world made of glass