A world made of glass

Whilst scrolling through one of the writing organisations I subscribe to, I came across a workshop on world building with Terry Dowling, one of Australia’s acclaimed speculative fiction writers. Although I don’t write in this genre I am very much interested in world-building, and certainly this genre is one where the intricacies are very evident. …… Continue reading A world made of glass

Romance Reviews 6th Anniversay 2017 competition reminder

Hey guys, thank you for all the support so far.  I was so nervous but it has been so much fun. This post is short and sweet and to remind you to have a go. It’s too easy as we are allowed to give hints.  I chose the Q&A segment when competing in the Romance…… Continue reading Romance Reviews 6th Anniversay 2017 competition reminder

Books and more books

Hi all and welcome to another post, Sorry if this post goes in twice guys but had some technical difficulties. Bear with me with this post as I try something new.  It won’t cost you anything but it will earn you my undying love and gratitude.  I have decided to brave some promotions. The first is…… Continue reading Books and more books

Reviewing, not the horror you imagine

Last post, among other things I discussed reviews.  For some reason many people shy away from giving these.  Some people just don’t want to commit themselves on paper, some are not sure what to write and some are just afraid to express their opinion.  I’m not an expert but I just put down what I…… Continue reading Reviewing, not the horror you imagine

Connection, the real secret is empathy

Have you ever wondered what creates a reader, a committed reader of fiction?  What qualities would a book have to offer to attract this reader? As an author we need to have some sort of insight because a reader is what it’s all about as soon as we dare put pen to paper.  I ponder…… Continue reading Connection, the real secret is empathy