Love letters and the past

When I began writing my second poetry book, Emotions in Evolution, I found myself looking back at previous work, then at my life in the past and wondering how much the past does shape our future, and how does the process work. I guess, we look at what we wanted and compare it to where…… Continue reading Love letters and the past

FIT doesn’t always involve a gym

As a writer, successful or not, imagination is a key to everything we do. Without it, I for one would be stuck for a blog post. Mental imagery is what drives us, forcing us to put into words the cinema inside our head. We could call imagination a staple, much in the same way ingredients…… Continue reading FIT doesn’t always involve a gym

Originally posted on Australian Haiku Society:
campground the yellow squares of grass where summer was              Jan Dobb Jan Dobb’s haiku is imbued with a sense of nostalgia for the long carefree days of summer. Camping is an integral part of Australian family life, of the barefoot freedom of childhood…


I wrote this originally for my youngest child. She has never been difficult, not as a baby, a teenager or as an adult. I always felt truly blessed because the pregnancy and birth were traumatic. Yet I knew the moment she arrived everything would be as it should be. To me she has been the…… Continue reading Butterflies

Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Lopez – Quizas, Quizas, Quizas Blogging as I have said many times previously is something I love. There is such freedom in being able to write on so many different aspects of life, and to be able to feature other people.  Last month it was my cover artist Christopher Brunton and  Australian author Jill Staunton, and next time, next…… Continue reading Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Lopez – Quizas, Quizas, Quizas

Love, poetry and ideas that inspire

Looking through some previous work I came across some things I had written regarding genre. I wanted to reassess what motivates me and so I went searching. We need to do this from time to time as a reminder of what we set out to do. I love the different worlds books offer us, but…… Continue reading Love, poetry and ideas that inspire