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The cloud of my first November blog post still hangs over my head and yet the sunlight peaks through every so often. The sun, our most powerful planet or star I think is the more correct term (let me know, any reason to interact) is my reality. Knowing it is there, brings hope, storms are followed by warmth on our skin. With Covid now a permanent resident in our lives I find myself thinking increasingly about perspectives and the behaviours that arise from them.

I understand we all have the right to an opinion. However, when it comes to human rights, I have to question what exactly is the impetus to beliefs held by people in our communities. Do they not realise that rights and demands are two separate things? Little regard is given to the fact their beliefs can be harmful to others so perspectives appear to have no basis. Instant gratification overtakes sanity. Yet, in the grander scheme of life, don’t we share a planet? Aren’t we bound together by our human shape and our ability to think? To survive don’t we need to consider what is best for everyone even if it costs us in the short term. We are not insular; we are a global community.

For instance, with the subject of vaccinations I see it purely as a way to prevent an overload on our medical facilities. I don’t see it as the powers to be seeking to take away our liberty and certainly comparing it to a Nazi regime makes no sense. The reality is we are in a pandemic – a health issue. Therefore, swift action is vital. Vaccination makes sense. Let’s face it – a disease of some kind has been around as long as we have. Medications can be frightening. I can’t take something as simple as codeine, so I understand the doubts but my desire for things for all of us to improve far outweighs my own fears.

A friend asked me recently to define where I envisaged my newly revised novel would sit as far as an audience is concerned. My book is a mixture of genres. In fact, this is why I have been slow to put out another one. I wanted to write romance, but I wanted to be real, hopeful but realistic. My male lead sits on the spectrum. He hovers there, surviving because his world hangs together by logic. It keeps him in control of his surroundings. When ‘she’ comes along, they clash but as angry as his domineering ways may make her, she understands why he reacts as he does, sees beyond the almost perfect façade he has created.

Ultimately because I wrote a romance, Nico will gravitate to her because she is willing to see his perspective, and it will change him. But most people would gravitate to someone who seeks to understand. At the time I started writing I wasn’t fully cognisant of seeking more in my story.

However, I truly believe there are better ways to live in this world and my thinking revolves around taking the time to see the full picture. Open eyes and not a coquettish lift of a lid is what we need. Life is far from perfect but taking a step back as Lia does so often with Nico is not a weakness. Time taken to understand a situation from more than one point of view is a strength.

I don’t know if I am romance, family drama, or a slight lean to the erotic but I do know I choose exploration through characters who listen and see beyond the surface. Our energies need to be devoted to finding ways to better co-exist. For this to happen, we need to monitor our thoughts, to engage in further learning and to think wider than our little selves before we open our mouths to rant. I found this post on a blog I follow inspiring.

 A life of virtue says:

“In the final analysis, all of us humans occupy one planet – a tiny blue marble orbiting the sun in a vast cosmos. We are finite mortal beings who one day will all meet our end. The petty concerns that ruminate in our minds throughout the day are likely trivial.

So, in the short time that we do have here, is it really productive to cling onto self-righteousness, anger or resentment?

It may be difficult to let go and see others as ourselves, but in our highly interconnected global community, it is definitely worth a try.”

What do you think?

Alla prossima,


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  1. I completely agree with you, Barbara. None of the arguments of the anti-Covid-vaccination people make sense to me. Their excuses ring hollow. They choose not to believe in medical science until they catch Covid, and then they fill up our hospitals and beg for medical science to save their lives.

  2. Great post Barbara! Yes, if a certain someone had not politicized the pandemic we’d not be facing the issues we have today. For as long as we have willing hosts, the virus will mutate and potentially into something much more deadly. Being an attorney and student of Constitutional Law, I can also tell you there is no such thing as a “right” not to be vaccinated. The vaccine has no implications on property or liberty. This is a public health emergency. Oh, I don’t usually read romance, but your book sounds intriguing

    • Thank you. Welcome back, have missed your blogs. I think there are truths some people just don’t want to hear. I wish I knew the magic ‘why’.
      As for my book, I wanted to write something simpler about people and their feelings but at the same time deeper. I think it’s more about relationship dynamics with a heck of a lot of the romance part. There is so much more people don’t see about people and let’s face it, behaviours are complicated. Did I succeed? I hope so, just a little bit.

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