The October Chilling with Books Corner  and Author Spotlight on Maria Ann Green

The end of this month has come far too quickly. I’m pretty sure I lost track of the days as soon as my book was ready to go up into outer space but instead took a dive into the ocean. Me and technology, a partnership made in, well, who knows? I certainly don’t but I do know this blog makes me smile especially at the end of the month when it’s time for the Indie author spotlight. Both Maria and last month’s author Bekah Berge love helping other authors. More about that though in December’s Chilling.

Spotlight on Maria Ann Green

She says:

Being an author is one of my favorite things about me. I find a certain power in words. Not just what they mean but how we choose to use them. They can tear someone down, lift them up, help one to grow and evolve, or help them heal. I’ve seen words work in all of these ways and more, and that is part of why I love writing so much. Putting my fingers to the keyboard and coming up with entire people is both amazing and daunting – but still I love it. I love how writing helps me make sense of the world, rewrite history, or form an escape for a moment. 

I’ve been writing ever since I can remember but only seriously since after college. I had a book published traditionally and despised the experience. I decided to take matters into my own hands, and I started self-publishing in 2018. For me being an indie author is about diversity. It’s about freedom to be me, just as I am. And if I’m honest it’s also about being able to make all of the decisions because I like choices! I choose indie because I get to explore broken characters, utter dysfunction, gut-churning twists, and unfortunate relationships, all of which I’d might not have the chance to do in the traditional route.

I write complex and often unlikable characters because they’re real, and they mean more to me than the ones everyone roots for. Self-publishing gives me as a bisexual woman, a chance to write the stories I often don’t get the chance to read, in traditionally published books. They don’t make it the far. But I do get to read them in indie books and by amazing authors. And so do my readers. Indie, for me, is freer, more diverse, and often better because of it. I get to write and read better villains, and I freaking love that about indie authors. We all have a little villain in us, don’t we?

I write both romance and thrillers – and well, that’s mostly because they are my favorite books to read. I like angst and darkness and I can write that into both genres. I tend to switch between the two to keep myself and my readers from getting bored. But for me, more than the genres, writing is all about the characters. I love to write deep (and often deeply broken) characters. It’s important to me to show both sides of a character – the good and the bad. 

I clearly like writing because my bio in my books is more than a page, so I won’t add that here. but if you want to know more about me there’s a lot there! One last thing I want to add is how much I love other indies, and authors in general. I do my best to lift others up, always. And it’s something I’m passionate about and gives me great joy. I think that when we lift someone up, we are all lifted up. If you’re an indie author and want to connect, PLEASE do any time! I look forward to it!



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Currently Maria Ann Green is hoping to take part in the  You can help by going to the website and entering any of her books in the pertinent categories (contact her on the Instagram account if unsure of details) and if you have the time I would love a nomination for the cover category for Unexpected Obsession. All that is required for the nomination is the book title and the author (and in my case perhaps adding the series name could help Book 1, Unexpected Love).

Unexpected Passion, Book 2 of my series Unexpected Love is finally coming out of hibernation. The first book, Unexpected Obsession is up and running and I am ready to start some heavy-duty edits. My cover is almost finished so that in itself is pushing my buttons. I can’t wait to finish it, hopefully before Christmas. In the meantime, if by chance you purchase Book 1, then please take the time to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

This week I was fortunate enough to watch Paying It Forward again. Based on a book by Catherine Hyde Ryan, it allowed me to cry (I always do at sad movies. It’s my thing.). Crying gets all my angst out but in this case reminds me to try harder to be a better person. It’s a beautiful premise as are all the books by this author but this one is a favourite and I have blogged on the concept if you want to take a look.

I finished South of the Sun: Australian Fairy Tales for the 21st Century, a lovely anthology by a collection of extremely talented authors and artists. From my review:

“A special mention must be made of the cover and the stunning and meaningful illustrations scattered throughout the anthology. Two in particular brought Australia to life. Riverbend by Rachel Nightingale had a beautifully illustrated image by Margaret Storey that I favoured just a little along with the illustration by Debra Phillips for Angie Rega’s The Tale of the Seven Magpies.” A well-deserved five stars.

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