Living in boxes

Although not always easy I try to schedule my posts ahead of time. Currently I am at my computer, writing this post for the middle of July, in the last week of June 2021. As a consequence, anything I write about may have been resolved by the time this goes up on my blog. I doubt it though, very much so. At present we are dealing with an outbreak of Covid 19, a more virulent strain.  My fears, my trepidations are not about the virus, at least not the way you may think.

What I struggle with, is the on-going selfishness of some people. How can they fail to understand everyone needs to follow the rules if we are all to survive? And then, there is the blame game. The need for some to blame others for their mistakes leaves me completely speechless. I cannot comprehend how people in high places fail in accepting responsibility. Mind you I have a family member that is so inclined and that frightens me more. It means behaviours, bad ones, are everywhere. However I am concerned with the now and now is virus driven.

We are all so set on protecting our individual rights that we are sacrificing our humanity and failing to protect humanity. As a world we are in crisis, so for now put up with and shut up about what is necessary and just do it. If we get things under control, we will have all the time we want for what we want. Follow rules now and work together, and we can re-build economies. I found this wonderful quote in a blog I follow. It comes from Sully Sullenburger. Look him up but I will give you a hint. Tom Hanks does a great job recreating the role.

“The facts tell us what to do and how to do it, but it is our humanity which tells us that we must do something and why we must do it.”


I wrote the poem below some time ago before Covid. At the time I was reflecting on the fact we seem to be so bent on the individual we might as well be in a box. Yet once inside the box we get upset because no-one is taking notice of us. We are not meant to be in individual boxes. As a global community, we need each other to thrive but more importantly we need to work together because our world needs us in order for it, to thrive.

Listen to what our humanity has to say.

The Box

(from Emotions in Existence and The Emotions Anthology)

I live in a box.

It’s small and it’s bare

but the square is my drawing

so, I can’t yell “unfair”.

I wish I could

but I drew it for me

and made the edges too sharp

to let me be free.

It’s my mind, you know,

the way I perceive.

It got in a muddle

and I forgot to believe

in angels, in heaven, in

love and in trust

and while those around fluttered

I dwindled to rust.

Some of us are strong,

some of us weak.

Some don’t need others

but I am a freak.

I need water.

I need sun.

I need to be staked.

I need weeds removed.

I flourish with care.

So please,

do more than stare.

What does your box look like?

See you next time,


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