Rainy Days

The last few weeks have been dedicated to finishing my second novel and beginning the least loved part of any writing endeavour – the editing. Totally caught in the process you sometimes forget to notice what is going on around you (unless it involves chocolate).

I had to step back and just clear my head. Of course, it proved difficult to do so I started thinking about the sort of things that have given good vibes in the past. It always comes back to nature. In this case my thoughts drifted to rain, not heavy but rather, soft, steady trickles. There’s nothing better to lull us to sleep than that constant pitter patter. There is also nothing more ruthless when it wants to get our attention. Nature like humans has many moods.

Falling Rain: a reflection on human nature

Nature is a mirror,

a storyteller with flair.

Unique and powerful,

allowing us to learn and share.

Do you hear the soft

sprinkle and tender trickle,

of the gentle fall of drops

against your window?

Life-giving, despite the thunder

and the lightning rumble

giving life to tiny buds

 reflecting infancy and simplicity.

Do you hear the disturbance

caused as cumulonimbus,

the thunder clouds,

speak with precipitation,

beseeching strong winds  

for kindness?

Praying snowdrops prevent

the boil of temperament into

the out-of-control state reflecting

teen years and  fears.

The sky explodes

and the atmosphere

cries in fright,

in terror wondering

where it will end and

why this incessant

punishment by nature,

hurts, has no plan.

Or is there more we don’t see.

Grown up worries possibly?

Ancients believes that rain

was the semen of the sky,

falling to inseminate

not decimate with the grabbing greed

of old age to maintain power

and control so fearful

the rain became a series

of sewers and the sweet smell

became absorbed

and locked away.

I call this the unhappy times.

Things have little rhyme,

little reason to cause

gaping holes in the soul

unless we are careless,

unless we ignore nature

as an educator and then

 there is no other recourse,

but a heavy shuddering

 against the glass and windowpane.

With thanks to http://www.unsplash.com and http://www.pixabay.com

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  1. Beautiful Barb – I love the sound of heavy rain/thunder storms. Reminds of when I was young boy here in Hong Kong and they would cancel school because of a typhoon – I’d get to sleep in to the sound of the rain. Always brings me peace. All the best with the editing! 🙏

  2. A ha, I dislike the editing part the most as well. Some writers love it though, and I suspect they’re the type of people who love tidying the house and putting everything in place, whereas writers like us prefer basking in the unlimited possibilities of an empty page.

    Just a blanket statement, but still…

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