Differences foster originality, ask a park bench

Empty park bench

Without hands to hold or shake…

Covid moments

Writers have a dilemma with originality, we want it, we crave it but it dangles in front of us, tantalising, bemusing and frustrating us. Chances are always high that someone has done it before. Considering the amount of time humans have been on this earth, this is not surprising. All we can hope for is that we put a spin on it that makes it our own, and in doing we mange to create our own brand of originality.

I have an author friend who decided to do a poem around an image she took of a park bench. For those that may follow my blog, they will be aware I love Japanese poetry and have been dabbling now for some time. For some unknown reason I decided I wanted to do a haiku using a park bench as a focal point. Neither one of us discussed our ideas with the other. However needing to refine mine and wanting to post today (you will see why further down) imagine my surprised pleasure when her poem appeared yesterday.

We are so different, my friend and I, and yet we were inspired by the same thing. Our approach, however differed and the resulting prose reflected this. When I looked at our work I realised our differences had led to original creations. When we interact with one another and embrace our differences creativity thrives.

Check out her effort on her website Blue Ink on a Dragon’s Tail and if you are a fantasy lover then keep an eye out for more from Alyson in the near future.

By the time I post this it will be my eldest daughter’s birthday. She is one of my dearest friends and not just my child. So I am taking advantage of having a blog to wish her the best of birthdays and to tell her how much I love her and miss her, and that I will be glad when we finally are allowed to go to Melbourne because she is the best fun.



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  1. Great insight! You not only make us aware of this conundrum of originality, but you proved that each of us has our own unique way of processing our experiences and transforming them into art.

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