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My reading has slowed done considerably as some new ventures make demands on my time. However, I have managed a few and they were all good chilling material. I tried to keep it mixed with some paranormal, contemporary and crime. Let me know what you think. Also, bear with me, WordPress has made changes in layout and this media dummy is struggling.

Emerald Blaze – Ilona  Andrews

I have been waiting for this one for a while. Love this husband and wife writer duo and the wonderful ideas they come up with. Chilling was hard while I waited. From the beginning, this series (A Hidden Legacy) has been hot and bothered and action packed. Nevada and Rogan grabbed the attention at the start but Catalina is managing to hold her own.

The sheer description, the cleverness of the creatures on the side of evil in Emerald Blaze is a guaranteed page turner. I must admit though, I hate the wait for what comes next. Try anything by this author and you will understand and if you don’t then let me know. I would love to hear from you. Personally, how can anyone resist Alessandro?

Bring them Home – Julia DeBarrioz

Be warned this is a short novella but if you have not tried this series or this author then it makes a great introduction to her style. If you want to know more then check out the blog post I did the middle of last year Meet Dakota, courtesy of Julia  and read her take on supernatural creatures. It’s fresh, nasty at times (the bad guys are bad) and has a strong female lead. The romance is there and is built through a wonderful tension. This short story has just the right amount to tease the appetite, and it does.

Chosen – Caroline Noe

I love fellow Indie authors, and this one is a favourite. I was fortunate enough to do a post on Caroline a while ago so I am very happy to highlight the final book in her The Canellian Eye trilogy, a series exploring the slippery and sometimes savage nature of destiny. This is an excellent ending to an excellent series. It’s novel (pardon the pun), and yet familiar and considering the state of our current world expresses an interesting perspective.

The Book of Eve – Julia Blake

It looks fabulous. Julia has inspired me to re-think my romance series covers, and also to do a re-edit of my first book again before I release the second book in the series. In fact, this is the major reason my reading has been curtailed somewhat. I need to think and write.

Love the versatility of this author, and yes I have done a post on this Julia as well, and yes she is also an independent author. This particular book, The Story of Eve, is a hard genre to define. I would probably say a drama/study of human behaviour, and so character driven. I first read it some time ago and since then Julia has done a revamp and new cover.

Cursed by Blood – Marianne Morea

In re-organising my Kindle, I came across this series. I remember thinking at the time that it was fun, had lots of sexy vamps (the kind you want to bite you), and lots of action as good battles bad. Each book has its own stand-alone story but the series does build. Can you tell yet I might have trouble giving up reading, or even reading less? 

Cold Memory (Extrasensory Agents Book 3) – Leslie A Kelly

I have enjoyed each of the books in this series. This last one that I finished recently, gave me chills. Each book has highlighted a gift the agent has been given. Whilst handy to solve crimes the gifts have a dramatic effect on the individuals concerned.

How would you feel if murder took over in your mind like a movie reel, repeating over and over. How would you live with something like that? Could you live with it? Interesting premise? Let me know.

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    • I have yet to try audio but I am getting around to it more and more. I agree about this year. It’s been like living in a book. And I just love Ilona Andrews, so much action but the love part is always so deep. I’m pretty sure I discovered them from one of your reviews. LOL

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