For every action there is a reaction


Newton’s Third Law says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I don’t know about the opposite or even the equal reaction because life and emotions don’t always mesh with science. Note the use of the word mesh. I am not questioning science but I do question emotions and most certainly, question choices.

Life is not straight-forward. Emotions and differences in humans can be a volatile combination. However, I accept I may be naive, but I believe we have a choice in how we face what is thrown at us.

We are not passive. We will react. Our emotions will rise and flow. So what? Humans have emotions, right? We also have choices – the biggest of these is the choice of how we react to what people say and do.

If we keep the collective good in mind we will not forget the choice exists. Lead by emotions we react and find ourselves in situations impossible to navigate. Karma, destiny or whatever we call it cannot be controlled. Reactions though, can be even when pushed to the wall. I can’t ask if I am not prepared to give. I can’t ask to be heard if I am not prepared to listen. Once we do those things then rationality comes into play.

When I forget I have a choice I remind myself of the life I want and start afresh in my thinking. As behaviours continue to astound me with their selfishness during this pandemic I have to remind myself on a daily basis not to react negatively to those people.

Instead I remind myself to look around and appreciate those doing the right thing because they care about all people. Karma is one thing, bad behaviour another. Perhaps Karma would be kinder if we were.

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