The biggest mistake we can make is repeating the past

Marcus 5

I hate that this is true, not just for me but for many others. There is no doubt that we are affected by what happens around us – we think it, may say it but what do we do to change things? I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t think I do enough. Why? I have asked myself this question often these last few months. Like many I honestly don’t know what I can do that would be enough but I have come to see that silence (agreeing, doing the bare minimum) is almost as bad as the action or actions we are disturbed and horrified by, and that is a self-judgement I don’t want. I don’t think any of us do.

I worry that I may do it wrong, that I may speak or write unwisely and be misunderstood. That makes me sad because it is not about me. And then I realise just by living our lives, we do things, and we do get it wrong at times but we also get it right because if we care enough we work on that. Having a voice makes a difference, having many voices makes miracles.

Life matters but not just our own and that of those close to us. We are all human and that unites us, and when one of us is hurting we need to address it whether it be family, friends, or our community here or globally. We have to stop repeating mistakes of the past, stop making token agreements. We need to follow through with actions.

So I have been on a learning voyage and still am. Let me know your ideas, so I can make better decisions to help.

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