It’s all about perspective

This post will be brief and features one of my poems from Emotions in Eruption. Every time we watch a news report something awful is happening somewhere and it is easy to become cynical.  I guess we need to remember our reactions count for something. Do we shrug our shoulders, or do we find a way to contribute so we are part of what is good?

Just this week alone I have met so many volunteers, retired people, older people and some very young people who donate their time to making other people’s lives better. It is so rewarding to see others light up so maybe giving it a try is a way of putting on glasses to improve what is in front us. I am hoping to be teaching some literacy classes for adults and working with kids.  Anyone else want to share ideas?

Something soft


The music flows

 sometimes smooth

An uninterrupted path

into the soul.

Generous acceptance may allow

completed entry, to make the whole.


Fearful hesitancy, unspoken barriers

that control graceful gratitude,

destroys the magic

of the pleasant interlude.


The loser moves silently along

severely clever not glimpsing joy.

Value lost, ignored, unseen,

agonizingly then a deflected ploy.


Did you know in the endless search

that you alone held the key?

The music will always flow

but not for you

afraid to know.


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Emotions for Blindness

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