Dovè l’amore, Cher rocks every stage

I like to mix it up with my blog as you know, and I hope you forgive me when it means I drag you into the world of the people I like. If you read the last blog, you will be aware I have been delving into the imposter syndrome and the havoc it can cause. So, this post I decided to feature someone who inspires me to push past the fears. Cher has been my idol forever. Why? The answer is so simple. She has remained true to herself, to her style, to her voice and to her music. Her strong sense of self, her passion and her determination have kept her, and keep her a powerhouse of talent. Her concert  a few months ago proved her agelessness (love this word). She took her audience on a journey with her music that quickly became a journey of pleasure. I thought I would share this with you. This piece is a little longer than normal, but has a fabulous guitar performance, dancing and of course the magic that is Cher. She ticks all my boxes; I hope she ticks yours.

Alla prossima,


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