Dreaming (dedicated to The Watcher)

I have just finished a term working with students on the subject of dreams, and the way dreams have been perceived for centuries. Alas, I am no wiser. It appears that dreams have always featured as something to fascinate the religious, the scientifically minded and those obsessed with the paranormal world.

There is an attraction to the unknown, to the mystical spiritual universe where anything is possible and it is eternal. The word ‘dream’ has long held centre stage in conversations. And, don’t forget the pull dreams have for those of us who fancy ourselves romantics. We dream of a perfect life, a perfect lover, and even a perfect world.

Prophetic or not, scientific or not, dreams have haunted more than our nights and we may never really understand them. They have an elusive quality for the human mind no matter our backgrounds. I have dreamed of many things, mostly strange in some fashion or another, and freely confess to frequently wondering if there is more to this thing we call a ‘dream’ than we are ready to know.   What about you? What do you think?

If I could manifest my thoughts
to you
Upon the breeze they would float
and sit
Until you allowed that moment
Absorption occurs and they enter
inside your mind.
And you would take them with a
puzzled distraught frown
Your internals turning, churning,
thrashing up and down
And you would know deep in
that silent waiting part
That it is a waste of time to be so
mindlessly far apart.
But this is reality, a test of faith and give.
And right this minute, you are far too human,
To let my manifestations in and then let them live.
I will wait, I know you,
You will come to me,
I have waited this long,
I will wait a little bit longer for
where I belong.


Ciao for now


P.S. If you are wondering about my dedication then stay on the alert for my upcoming psychological/paranormal thriller The Narrow Hallway, out before Christmas. (I hope)


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