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You may or may not have heard about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into effect May 25, 2018. If you subscribe to newsletters anywhere you may have received a similar message to this.  We are being asked to confirm we are happy to hear from the particular individual by re-subscribing. While I’m not EU-based, a quick look at my list showed me I did in fact have a few followers in Europe. It is incredible and reinforces why I love blogging.

I don’t actually have a newsletter and am not sure the discussion applies to my particular blog because I don’t collect email addresses for any purpose but I thought I would take the opportunity to talk to you. Like many others of the writing community, I’m seeing this as an opportunity to communicate with readers and remind them, you, of how welcome your input is to me along with your continued support. Feedback keeps me on the creative track and inspires me to get better.  

 I hope you re-subscribe, or as it may be more aptly put, update your preferences.  I look forward to hearing from you,






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  1. Unless you received subscribers through nefarious means it isn’t really necessary to ask them to resubscribe. Do you use Jetpack? Any analytics? Like visitor stats? You need to disclose that in a privacy policy. Hope that helps.WordPress has tools to help.

    • Thank you. I did suspect this but the information has been so conflicting at times I thought I would ask. These days everything is getting so complicated except perhaps the willingness of people to help others. That is just plain awesome.:)

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