Should I, should you?

I think one of the most difficult things we face these days is deciding on things.  We have too many choices, our kids have too many choices and I have to wonder if we are sacrificing quality thinking for what we think of as freedom of choice.  We are too quick to say no, or too quick to move onto something new because we think we have tried enough already, too quick too rail against the inequality of life and give up completely. Sometimes we just have to suck it up buttercup.

Decision making

Decision Making


I don’t want to.


I feel the urge to

rant and rave.

I know I have to.


I feel the urge to

quietly cave.

I’ve been dealt a card.

It’s far too hard.

I close my eyes

and hope

I wake up wise.

I have seen the echoed smile

reflected in, a happiness file.

I carefully remove all the shiny blades

sighing as the anger fades.

Alla prossima


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