Do you like chess?  I do.  I love the deep pauses to signify the deep thought behind each strategic move. It is a mind game played with beautifully shaped pieces with disciplined pre-assigned positions of power.

Can the lowest and smallest pawn take on a knight, a king or even a Queen.  This answer lies in the ability to manipulate the board.  How gorgeous is that?





Chance meetings,

Pleasant, nice,

But safety, rules.

Pieces are moved forward.

Silent pawns stand unafraid.

This is only an interlude.

Sudden tension,

Fearful, unbearable,

The Queen is in check.

She remains unthreatened

But knows the game has changed.

There is need for reflection.

The King glides forward,

Demanding, strongly intent,

The queen is aloof.

Uncertainty brings sacrifices


The board is now alien.

The precipice is jagged.

She alone must decide.

She alone moves forward.

Danger pervades but

The prize is golden, attainable


Worth the risk.

This is more than an interlude.

The King senses capitulation.

The King moves.

The King purposefully turns.

The King is not ready for veracity.

He moves away callously.

The Queen dies.


Till next time, keep the board ready


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