Dancing to tears



Having read some interesting things about soundtracks and how wonderful this can be for capturing the mood of the romantic novel I decided this post to see if this is true. My songs are not necessarily modern and many of them are in Italian.  This particular one I chose is actually in Spanish but the sentiment is universal.

Just recently a reader made a comment about the somewhat dark and often very steamy relationship my hero and his obsession share and I thought this piece of music expressed it beautifully. I have also enclosed a short extract from Unexpected Obsession which I am hoping you will enjoy. It demonstrates the tense relationship building with my couple.

And, for a little atmosphere location atmosphere I have also enclosed a link to my pintrest story board which strangely enough is under the heading Unexpected Obsession. You can find the full sound track there as well. Both Sydney and Sicily shine. I hope you enjoy both the music and my story board and if it’s not too much trouble I would love it if you followed me at pintrest.  I have so many exciting boards.

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From  Unexpected Obsession

The lights had dimmed, the floor cleared to reveal a figure bathed in a soft, palest of pink light. Nico had watched her hands make their way sensuously up her hips, skim past her breasts and into her hair lifting it and letting it fall. He had never seen it down quite this way. It looked like black silk. Then Lorenzo was there, sliding closely behind her and they were swaying, bodies close, Lorenzo’s hand moving to her waist, bending her into his space, and bringing her so close, they looked like one figure under the spotlight.

Nico had heard murmuring at the table as they recognised Lia. He couldn’t take his eyes off her enough to care. Her movements were perfection. She glided slick and sensual. The looks she was giving Lorenzo as he lifted her leg and then wrapped it around his hip were hypnotic, mesmerising. He had felt his groin tighten in response and was glad he sitting down. Every movement had echoed a couple making love in perfect unison, skin on skin. Her legs were glorious, as was her ability to control the movements as she lifted, sharply slid, and shaped herself around Lorenzo. Nico forgot he was sitting in a chair at the hospital, as he relived that moment.

He shifted in his chair uneasily and steeled his face which was easier to control than his thoughts. His thoughts revolved around her and his hands on her, not Lorenzo’s but his. It manifested itself in an unexpected erection tenting his trousers, causing an unbearable ache he could feel all the way to his dry mouth. He swore his cock had never swollen to this size so quickly. The discomfort was agitating, like his dick had woken up after a long sleep and was now actually in battle with the zipper that held it down. That same zipper was preventing it from what it wanted, and that was the woman on the dance floor. He slid his hand under the table and rubbed harshly against the fabric with the heel of his palm in an effort to gain some semblance of control.










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