Addictive Patterns

As an English teacher I find poetry the hardest to teach. It is so subjective and there is never a correct answer so often students struggle with meaning and concepts.  I have the same problem with what I write.  I am never sure where the words come from.  I just know they need voicing.  Will they resonate? I don’t know but feel free to offer an opinion.  I would love it.


addictive patterns

Addictive Patterns


Desires circle in the

mind, that void of brainless

thought, never learning until

the ending is confused

and so the starting line

is never crossed.

Days cycling by like

metres and metres of environmental

sameness, never ending until

the beginning is confused

and so the finishing line

is never reached.

Fragile heart now,

Pieces of glass.



and thrown in

so many directions that

the home is displaced and

both beginning and ending

have co-inhabited and

there is no place to go.

No beginning – you no longer dare.

No ending – you were never there.

Alla prossima


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