The Dreamer never dies

I wonder how many of us do keep the dream alive instead of giving in and thinking it too late to want more. I am not sure I can ever stop dreaming and reaching for whatever is out there no matter what I tell myself. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

the dreamer never dies

Again I listen
Again I am a prisoner
Of that cunning heart
That refuses time and time again
To stop believing in those
Dreadful fairy tales
That reek of love and romance
And goodness and happy endings.
Traitor I call that beating organ
That has no ability to
Stop and think what it will
Mean to bleed.  For God’s sake the
Fool forgets it is a main
Supply of life force and
To bleed once more will evaporate the
Last vestige of hope, a vampire
Death where you walk
But your life is empty.
It was the music.
It drew out possibilities I had
Long ago put in a box.
I really should stop playing the music.


from  Ebook Cover

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