Sad movies make me cry

sad masks

Cold and calculating.
My God, that is fascinating.
Ambivalent, or belligerent?
How exciting? How very different?
Time to laugh, time to smile,
Emotions coming out file by file.
Dear, that is so very bad,
I think that character is quite mad.
Please do not let him die,
Oh goodness me, what a terrible lie.
They have come so far, do they have to part?
So much to sacrifice,
for the sake of Art?


Sad movies make me cry,
Reality only makes me sigh.
Sad movies make me feel
And forget the real.
Sad movies fade away, but
Life is here,
every single day.
I think that I will leave the TV on
Even if others frown upon
Inside the box where I behold
The watching of the world unfold.
I would rather watch than participate,
I would rather watch than activate.

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  1. One of the things I like about Christmas is the sentimental movies and shows (not sad, but I do feel nostalgia which is similar and can bring tears). But after a few weeks – I’m ready to move on.
    I think many people do take that easy route of watching rather than participating. There’s little risk there. They don’t realize what they are letting go of. It’s not easy to get real life back once you’ve gotten out of shape.

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