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This is just a short post where I am happy to stand back and let Lia and Nico take the lead. I am done talking and it’s time I unleashed these two and their passionate romance onto the poor unsuspecting world.

“I thought you were wearing the red dress?” Nico perused his wife intently. The black velvet shift was short, long-sleeved with a sweetheart neckline. Another vintage, a relic from the sixties, the dress was sexy and normally he loved it on her. The red however was special.
“Don’t you like this?”
“I love it. I love it enough to want to take it off you, very slowly. The red one on the other I’d have ripped off already so perhaps a wise choice.”
“You’re sick.”
“And look here, an extra special treat just for me, the stay up stockings with the lacy tops I bought you.” Lia slapped away the hand he had inserted up her leg. He laughed but let her be.
“I have to finish this email, and I’m mad at you. You’ve been in my pantry again and my side of the office. You do realise I can’t find anything when you re-arrange things?”
“I was bored. You weren’t here to play with.”

Starting a new venture at this stage of my life hasn’t been easy. Following your dreams at any age is not easy but it can be done and if I can do it then you can, whoever and wherever you are. Months of pouring over my work have finally come to an end.  The edits are finished and the book reloaded and up there. I am beyond excited and so happy to share Unexpected Obsession with the wonderful people who have supported me.  If I could beg a favour and have you please like and share this news I will be forever grateful.


For those that have already purchased my book from Amazon and want the update, you will need to ask Amazon to push my newly edited copy to you. These updates are not automatic as I found out. If you have problems please drop me a line at my email address:

Somewhere in all this I also managed to upload a poetry anthology, Emotions in Eruption.  It is a little left field but life can be like that at times so I thought I would bundle all those emotions and put them in verse. I would love to know what you think.

Ebook Cover

Both books will be available in print very shortly,

Until next time



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