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I am pretty flat out at present and under a lot of pressure in the decision making department.  Thank goodness for books.  They allow you to take a breath.  I thought this post I would share a couple I have reviewed. They are pretty varied and yet have something in common – all of them offer a delicious time out.

What the Body Needs ★★★★★

Laura Oliva

51boIzCdzTLA very exciting and fast-paced romance with more than a little danger from the outside thrown in, and an extraordinary amount of tension between the characters that hooks us in from the very beginning, makes for excellent reading. Two broken pieces make a whole even if the pieces are a little slow in understanding this but when the attraction is hot and the writer doesn’t throw any punches then it becomes a whole new boxing ring.


Eye on the prize ★★★★

Dmytro Holmes

51uL9r8bdHLThis novel had a good flow with a well maintained pace between emotions and action. The story was a little different and the characters interesting.


Murder Most Unusual ★★★★

Michelle Somers

510GrpGVvlLThis is a well-written romantic murder mystery with some off-beat characters, a clever plot and some chilling deaths. The deviousness of the killer and the disregard for the victims is very well done… capturing the Australian feel in the setting.


Cheating Death (The Immortal Descendants Book 5) ★★★★★

April White

Cheating DeathThis series has been an incredible journey, and a delightful one. Not many Young Adult reads can cross all genres and ages to give us so much in the way of emotional relationships as this series does. Forming a bond with each and every character has not been a hardship from the very first word in the very first novel.
Watching Saira turn from child to woman has been a wonderful experience for readers. Her bravery, her tenacity and her love for Archer has grown with her, and her maturity in the face of adversity in this final book, is impressive. Still a blend of innocence and passion, Saira takes firm hold of her leadership qualities to finally restore the balance of power in what has been an epic battle.


If you were my vampire ★★★★★

L.J.K. Oliva

If you were my vampireThis was an absolute gem.  It ran the gamut of emotions from edgy, sexy, sweet and totally romantic while still packing a punch with its action. This is a very different paranormal novel; in fact the whole Shades series is like that.  It may contain shifters, witches and vampires but there is a human element in these characters that hold us captive and make them seem real. They take on the battle towards good but like us ordinary people they don’t always do it right.  Their mistakes are deadly, and it pushes them further into the black hole of self-hatred.   Yet even then good retains a strong hold.  It is particular so with our vampire hero.  He is brutal and yet he is so breakable.  It is no wonder Grace is dazzled right from the first moment of her awakening.  Vampire he may well be yet he is the thread to her humanity, and in keeping her safe he finds the path back to himself. This has a wonderful flow, is beautifully written with tension aplenty, and full of new and old friends who keep the continuity alive.  Can’t wait till the next book.


The Bird and the Sword ★★★★★

Amy Harmon 

The bird and the swordThis is not my usual read but I have implicit faith in some of the authors I follow and thought I would try something different when it was recommended.  I was and still am under enchantment.  What a beautiful story and what a beautiful writer.  It was poetically descriptive but never felt anything other than smooth and flowing with such a lovely warmth that it sent me back to childhood memories where believing was easy.

The love story between Lark and her king is exquisite and I so wanted a perfect ending that I feared turning that last page.  A part of me couldn’t bear the thought of an ending that was painful and the other part of me had no doubts the ending would be all we wanted but whatever the outcome it would be the end of the book.  A lovely journey and one I was sad to end!

I hope you find my collection interesting enough to check out.  I enjoyed every one of these books and can only hope I keep improving so I can give my readers as much pleasure.

Till next time where I will be sharing some exciting news (I hope)


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