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When I decided to write this post the intention was to send a message (holiday greeting) to all those wonderful people that have supported me by reading my blog, reading and reviewing my novel, following me on social media, and in general blessing me, with their friendship. Certainly I couldn’t have got this far without them.  I am humbled by people like my young friends that help with my website, my beautiful lady at the little coffee shop I favour who tells everyone to read my book, my wonderful friend in Sydney who has helped me with the tedious job of correcting all the little errors (that shouldn’t happen but do), the great people in the writer groups I belong to, and the authors I have met either in person, or online, since I took the plunge into the world of writing.

It is just so easy to say something simple like “best wishes for the festive season” but I wanted to say more, I wanted the wishes to be specific and meaningful.  As it gets closer to the end of the year people start talking about resolutions.  I have never been one to do this.  I’ve never really seen the need.  Lately though I have come to the conclusion that perhaps I was wrong.  Our lives are so busy that we need a starting point, or a reminder, if you prefer, to do things differently. Look how long it has taken for me to stop dreaming and take the steps that allow me to be the writer I always wanted to be. Would I have got this far if I hadn’t made myself pin down an exact moment when enough was enough? It was in that moment I sent fear packing.  I made a decision; I resolved to do something and I made a conscious decision to keep on doing it until it became a habit. My resolution was simple – to believe in myself and live accordingly.

This is the time of the year for all of us to celebrate the end of something old and the beginning of something new. It would be so easy to just wish you all love, happiness, and good fortune. The truth is most of us don’t have control over these things.  We can wish them for people as much as we want however in the end those things are only possible if we put ourselves in the best possible position to achieve them. Believing in ourselves puts us in that position.  When we believe in ourselves we are better people.  We are not threatened by the success of others, neither in a personal sense, or  professionally.  Instead we are inspired by it, inspired enough to seek out what we too, can do. In turn I think we inspire others and soon we have a lot of people who want things to be better.

Jay Colby in a recent post says “believing in yourself is important to achieve just about anything in life” and it is this very confidence that allows you to know “no matter the situation you face if you believe you will accomplish it.”  Believing in ourselves strengthens our focus and helps us disregard petty emotions like envy and pride. Prejudice is not part of a confident personality.  Those negative emotions stifle living life to the fullest. Self-confidence accepts limitations but doesn’t limit. It encourages better understanding of our goals and our reasons for setting them. A self-confident person is logical enough to accept others may have more talent, may have better physical attributes, may be more financially secure, and may have a better intellectual grasp on situations.  These things won’t dent the ego because confident people know this is a reflection of naturally occurring differences, and not a negative comment specifically aimed at them. We can’t all be the same, and why would we want to be.  A person who is truly confident appreciates individuality in themselves and others.

Okay so maybe my sprinkling self-confidence in the form of soft snow-like wisps of nothing won’t solve global warming.  And I accept it won’t change political and religious arguments but I am going to try and believe more in myself anyway, and I am going to find a way to encourage it in others.  Who knows? It may actually make a difference.  If we think positively every day, set goals that will increase our knowledge, and learn to believe more and fear less we may find ourselves surrounded by like-minded people who are content to make the best of their lives without hurting others.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

For 2017 and all the years to follow I wish everyone a sprinkle of self-belief and providing sprinkles of happiness as a backup.  If you have a better idea then please let me know,

See you next year,



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  1. Well said, Barbara.I particularly like your comments about ‘naturally occurring differences’ in people not limiting our own self-confidence. Taking a leap of faith first step, and then another and another is the way to achieve the goals we set ourselves. You have shown that in your own life.

  2. A very happt New Year to you too Barb! <3 Your message couldn't have come at a better time. I feel so inspired and a lot more self-assured than I did before this post; thank you for your wonderful words! Keep it up u gem <3

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