Spell-check sucks as much as a homonym does


Take your pick

Normally I would leave it a while for another post but this was too important not to follow up straight away.  In my last effort I discussed that perhaps we can be too hard on ourselves in thinking we suck at what we do.  What was needed instead was to put things in perspective, not by lowering our expectations, but by being realistic about them.  Ha! What was I thinking with my I should be kinder to myself drivel?  It fooled me to thinking I could trust spell-check.

Let me explain. There was a word I wanted to use because it encompassed exactly what I was trying to say.  I wasn’t completely certain of the spelling because it is one of the words that has filtered through from Latin and is part of the Romance languages.  In fact the word is spelt exactly the same way in English as it is in French. Of course this means consequences. The pronunciation plays havoc with the spelling.

So what did Barb do? She wrote the word down with an approximation based on the sound of the word.  She wasn’t going to let frustration rule because she couldn’t remember the correct spelling – she had spell check.  Yesterday she would have stopped and investigated because she knew she often sucked at spelling.  Today she decided to trust in herself more, and I repeat she had spell-check.

However spell-check sucks when you write down a word that is almost a homonym (words that sound the same but are spelt different) to your original word, and spelt that word correctly.

Are you wondering which word I am talking about? Well, too bad because I’m not telling you.  I’m going to be too busy getting a bigger boat (read the post before this). No. I’m Italian.  I’ll get two gondolas instead.

If you do find it and write it in my comment section I will send you a free copy of my novel.  Let me know what kind of e-reader you have and don’t forget to fill in your details on my contact page on my website.

Ciao for now


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