Teaser update

Thank you to the people who asked for a little more.  Just as well, as it gave me a chance to tweak this a little.  I’m yet to do my final corrections and there are a few little rascals hanging around.  Again, let me know what you think..



Mt Etna, as seen from the balcony

Those dark eyes examined every facet that made her a woman.  It was unbearably erotic.  Lia couldn’t breathe, her fear radiated through her skin beading it with a fine misting of perspiration.  Her heartbeat accelerated, her pulse became a living thing and she trembled knowing she had never wanted anything more in her entire life.  The first glide of his tongue had her arching off the bed.  Surely she would not survive the shock triggered by this man and his determination to set fire to every possible nerve ending she possessed.

Her initiation into his world was pleasure so intense…

Taomina 2

The honeymoon hotel

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