The definition of perfect

I had forgotten how much I like to blog. There hasn’t been a lot of time for it lately. Blogging is a relatively instantaneous process. With a quick turnaround (well, if you have a schedule and keep to it and if people comment) the project becomes satisfying unlike longer works that require tedious but necessary…… Continue reading The definition of perfect

Don’t lose the fun

This last week has been quite emotional.  Having uploaded, and then uploaded again with some corrections the fear still exists that things were missed.  In fact on checking the new copy I found some small formatting errors in the first couple of chapters.  It would appear that the process of self-publishing continues to be a…… Continue reading Don’t lose the fun

Only a few more sleeps

This post is going to be a mixed bag so bear with me.  It has been a nerve-wracking time for our Wordwick3d Writer’s group as we power on to get our anthology up there in outer space where lots of aliens are waiting to eat us up and possibly spit us out.  There is so…… Continue reading Only a few more sleeps

Business or Art? Is there a difference?

Do you need a better plan other than the usual one consisting of bolstering of yourself in the mirror, you know what I mean?  “I’m totally going to do it this time…”  It might seem strange to be discussing this so close to publication and now that my website and blog are married (after a rocky…… Continue reading Business or Art? Is there a difference?