I have always thought my Italian heritage created the romantic personality, and the Australian side, the more pragmatic and grounded person I hope I am (well I did use the word hope). Needless to say both have fed the writer, as have the various professions I have been fortunate enough to be a part of, over the years.
I have a Bachelor of  Education with TESOL qualifications, and majors in English and Drama. My time teaching English overseas was a wonderful experience. I have also spent time in the Australian Army, been in retail and real estate, and also enjoyed administrative work in the financial industry. Writing however has always been the dream and I am this is it. I am weary of being an employment gypsy despite being lucky enough to have three wonderful children who encourage me in my endeavours.
Music, dancing, art and literature rate highly in my life, as do languages. If I could I would learn to speak whatever came my way and maybe I will one day. I would love to travel and explore other cultures. The differences between us are exciting and inspiring.

My Mission Statement

Passions are for sharing.

My goal as a self-published author is two-fold. The first part is to bring enjoyment through romance, poetry and anything else that I may be fortunate enough to create and have you read. The second is to encourage confidence to follow your dreams. It takes many masks to live our lives and we should embrace that fact. It is only in exploring and understanding ourselves that we can live our dreams. 

The construction of bridges to new worlds should be enticing. I hope I can bring  my love of languages, cultures and travel to life through my work and I hope fervently that you join me on this journey. Experiences shares bring the greater joy.

Carnevale Mask

Each mask we don is a story and as long as we are story-telling we are living.